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Contact me:
PhDr Jana Kotalíková
Nad Zámečkem 29, 150 00 Praha 5.
Tel/fax: 00420 25721 2062, Cell phone: 00420 732 402 250.
E-mail: jkotalikova@yahoo.co.uk
My daily fee
(usually 9.30 a.m. - 5 p.m.):
70 British Pounds for one or two couples + 5 Pounds for every additional person.
Up to 20 pounds for the tel/fax calls, car/mini-bus and ticket reservations, calling a taxi by cell phone etc.
Reduction 10 pounds for a shorter day and for early bookings.
I studied at Charles´ University in Prague and I started guiding in 1992, when a number of English speaking visitors, friends and their friends, mostly from Great Britain, visited Prague for the first time and needed assistance. I felt from the beginning that I did useful work, as they didn´t understand one word of Czech, and during the first years after the "Velvet Revolution" in 1989 nothing was the same as in the Western countries.I like to help my clients to get around and see as much as possible, eat as well as possible and understand as much as possible about the country, which is now much closer to the EEC. Unlike many other guides, I always try not to say too much, because our history is so complicated, that most of the names and dates wouldn´t tell you much, even if you are an Oxford or Cambridge university graduate.
I work as a guide only occasionally, as a second job, and I have a regular job at the National Institute for the Care of Historical Monuments. Therefore guiding is always a refreshing change for me and not a routine as for those who do it every day! I like to meet new people and I feel very privileged because most of my clients have been charming and friendly. I prefer small groups and individuals, but I am able to handle a larger group too. I don´t much enjoy going shopping with my clients, but I can recommend where to go and what is worth buying here. Well, I will tell you more if you decide to come. I am looking forward to meet you and show you round!
PhDr. Jana Kotalikova Nad Zameckem 29, 150 00 Praha 5. Tel/fax: 00420 25721 2062. Cell phone: 00420 732 402 250. jkotalikova@yahoo.co.uk