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The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a small country in the centre of Europe. (78.000 km2,10 mil. inhabitants). The climate is mild. We speak Czech., which is one of Slavic languages, similar to Polish, Serbian and Croatian. British and U.S.citizens don´t need any visa to come. The Czech Republic is a member of NATO and is about to become a member of EEC in 2004.
Prague is one of the smallest capitals in Europe (1,3 mil.). It has human scale, it is easy to walk through the whole historic centre and with every step you will see something interesting (if you don´t just gaze into the shop windows). Prague is the capital of the state since 1.000 years so most of the country´s history is connected with it. It is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It wasn´t destroyed during the wars of the 20th century, whilst the lack of investment during the communist period helped it remain unspoiled and authentic. The surprise for most visitors is that the main monuments, churches and museum collections were relatively well maintained during that period as well. With its 3,500 historic buildings, Prague is the largest protected urban area in the world. Since 1991 it is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage.
It is lively and some parts are maybe too touristic, but with a good guide like me you can discover a lot of charming and quiet places, lovely views, hidden courtyards and streets and churches full of art, where you don´t meet any tourists at all. The tourist season starts at Easter and lasts until the beginning of November. The weather is sometimes too hot in the summer and quite cold in winter, but I still think it is better to visit Prague out of season. It is never too cold and even if it is, you can have a hot drink every hour in one of many cafés, bars etc.
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